Anxiety Attack

While I am on my journey to find my way through the tech world. One of the manager staples and roadblocks that most people deal with is anxiety. It is known that it can lead to panic with intense anxiousness. It is in the moment that you have that technical interview or interview where you are never sure what question they may ask no matter how much you know. You freeze up and now simple questions seem complex. I have not mastered this but here are some tips that I have learned.

  1. Understand what anxiety is ( what is your perspective of it)?

It tells us that something is important to us. Anxiety is also the adrenalin pushing us for action. When you realize it is acceptable and a normal part of everyone’s life it helps take the fear of it away. Then you are able to take other tools that you may already possess to handle that fear.

2. What are you worrying about?

Take in everything that is happening in the moment about the task you are in the middle of. What is the worst thing that can happen and are there more opportunities like it? Ask yourself why you are so afraid to fail. Failure happens naturally and no one is good at everything. Where is the perceived threat of the interviewer or question ? The interviewer is not there to cut your fingers off for getting something wrong . If it is that type of environment maybe that company is not for you.

3. How can I release some energy causing you anxiety or stress?

Taking a second to reset your mind on areas of your life that are peaceful. Closing your eyes for a second will help you refocus your breathing . This will slow down your heart rate and calm you. I tend to think of my favorite song or rhythm that may help remember / trigger the information you have stored in your brain.

Hopefully these steps can help you lower your anxiety and help concur that interview you are in the middle of. Remember after the interview you can have your favorite food , watch your favorite show and go to sleep. The interviewer can not come home with you or jump through the computer screen. The feeling is temporary and will not last forever.



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