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The hardest part of building an application of any type is the planning process. This is something I’ve struggled with before while at Flatiron . Every other month there is a project to help show that you fully understand the course material that you’ve spent the last 6 weeks learning. I’ve learned a few ways not to get held up on planning. While learning React Native , I think back on those steps to help channel the application I’m creating.

The five steps I use to design applications.

1: Who — Who is the application for?

  • TraceMe is an application that connects people to others that share the same Heritage backgrounds. It is a way to bridge a gap within ancestral lines within races. The main focus is for people within the Diaspora.

2:What — What does the application do?

  • TraceMe gives you the ability to share your heritage proudly with friends . You are able to set up events , meetups , and trips .The user will be able to sign/register/sign out which will build a profile. After completing the profile , it will show you others and events that may be happening for people with similar ethnic backgrounds.

3: When — When will the application be used?

  • TraceMe will help bring more people together for events and celebrations they may not know is happening. Also helping be a one stop shop for important community events. Who doesn’t like to learn more about themselves surrounded by people just like them.

4: Where — Where could you picture it being used ?

  • TraceMe can be implemented in getting the word out about annual events like Gullah Festival. Gullah festival takes place in Beaufort, SC where descendants and friends come together to celebrate Gullah Geechee people throughout the US and abroad. It helps build awareness to people who have never heard of them and bring in a bigger turn out . This helps the community get more money and make connections that last a lifetime.

5: Why — Why do people need to used it?

  • People need to use TraceMe because there are applications for everything else except for helping many in the diaspora understand that we are all one people. There is a lot of division of who is and who isn’t . TraceMe shows people that we are all a percentage of a pie , there may be slices bigger than another but it will all get eaten.

Once it is completed , I look over concepts that I would need to accomplish it. We tend to get excited and try to accomplish many ideas for one application. This way will give you something to look back on and you can cross off each step as it is done.




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