I was born in 1991 , where I was in the beginning of the push for technology in every aspect. I remember getting into a fight over the computer because I wanted to play the all famous snake game. If you were to tell me that your cell phone can be used as a small laptop I would be out of my snacks after recess. Today I don’t know a 3 year old who doesn’t know how to take pictures , write a post on Facebook or download games from the device store. It is amazing to watch the influence of technology on children and the world. It came to me that even coding basics were a part of my childhood and I wish that it was more.

I’d like to speak about Myspace. This application has run in majority from 2003–2008 . It took 10 days for the developers to make this application. It was an idea made into one of the first most influential applications of my lifetime. Every application in my opinion is based off Myspace with features either updated and added or singled out. It made everyone a web developer and media marketer. I had no problem coding my profile with CSS and HTML .It was built with Fusion , the application grew too big for the framework and once it switched to .Net . It wasn’t flexible to keep up with the rapid growth . The company slowly faded into the shadow of Facebook. Now MySpace is mostly for music with a target on artists and music with a weird hybrid of Instagram and Soundcloud.

I’ve always wondered if those skills guided where most of my classmates would be now.