What are Algorithms??

One of the many topics that arose by me and my cohort mates was Algorithms. We were not aware of this being a thing and realized that many of the jobs and technical interviews included them. My initial thought about it is making a formula to organize data that you have. This again took me to amazon and Youtube to scrabble to find information about the topic. I found out that there are Algorithms for basically everything.

The popularity around them most stems from social media with the information that you see based off of the people you follow and what you search . I soon found out that when it comes to computer science it is an set of instructions which solves a problem step by step. My previous assumption was pretty close. Also finding out that is a basic human function when trying to solve a problem. The easiest example or explanation is that you assign a variable, you state the condition and you loop the equation for the result.

There are many different types and I have some additional research to do to learn the ones you will help my success while learning about Algorithms.



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